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Last year was extremely successful for Play’n GO. How is 2020 stacking up?

“2020 has gotten off to a flying start for us. We had our best ICE London ever back in February, and our roadmap has been very well received. We continue on the path we’ve been on for a while with a roadmap filled with plenty of titles, loads of energy in everything we do, super high-quality demands, and leveraging on strong partnerships across the industry. It looks like 2020 is shaping up to be one of our strongest years in the industry, a great sign for things to come.”

With the launch of several new games and a recent partnership with LATAWin Group to bring your games and bonuses to a new market, the start of 2020 has been exciting for Play’n GO, to say the least.

What else can we look forward to from Play’n GO? Can you let us in on new markets you’ve set your sights on or new games that we should keep an eye out for?

“It’s quite simple, wherever there is regulation, that’s where we will go. Certain factors may have to be considered, but our strategy remains. We are fully focused on regulated markets – that’s our home turf. Currently, we are looking at Greece, Serbia, Ukraine, the US, Argentina and obviously the Netherlands and Germany.

As for the games, our roadmap is stacked, and it’s hard to point at specific games. I have to mention our newly released Ring of Odin; a Viking themed game with awesome graphics, a storyline that is closely connected to the saga and hugely entertaining gameplay. We also have two 3-reel games in the works, both of them nods back to cartoons from 1940-1960 but in very different ways. Agent Destiny lets you into the world of secret agents while Charlie Chance gives colour to the black and white early era cartoons.

We are also expanding on our adventure-themed games series with Shield of Athena. Finally, we are cooperating with a handful of musicians to create not only music-themed games but a 360 experience including meet and greets, signed collectables, events and much more. For the fans of Twisted Sister, Saxon, Annihilator, Testament and Helloween this will be awesome, but the games play so well and look so good they will attract a much wider audience. “

What was your most popular game in 2019, and what has been your most popular game of 2020 thus far?

“One of our Rich Wilde series of games, Tome of Madness, was an exceptionally strong release mid-2019, and this year started out with our best ever launch of a game with Legacy of Dead. It’s also worth mentioning that a couple of releases from last year are continuing to attract new audiences; games like Honey Rush, Sword and the Grail and Big Win 777, for example, are three of 2019’s games that have exciting growth curves.”

Play’n GO is famous for games featuring bands and rock stars like Testament and Sabaton. It seems you guys have a love of rock and metal.

Are there any plans in the works for other games like these and/or are you planning on launching slot games based on other music genres?

“We are very proud of our music-based slots, and they have been very well-received in the industry. As I mentioned before we do have plans to continue that going forward, but it’s very much an ongoing organic process. We can’t say that we’ll definitely do this or do that, we will see what the opportunities are and what the market is telling us.”

Can you walk us through the process of coming up with, or selecting a theme for a new slot game?

“As with anything in life, it first starts with an idea. This idea can appear from almost anywhere; films, literature or culture as well as market research and a strong math direction. We leave nothing to chance, each element of a game is the responsibility of not only the team but by the respective department involved. This methodology not only gives us the best results but the best game we can create to entertain and memorise our audience.”

How is it that you always seem to know exactly what players are looking for? Do you even crowdsource ideas?

“It is this collaborative, and sometimes rebellious, spirit that makes us stand out from our competitors. We at Play’n GO are not just showing the love we have for each game we make, but our collective passion for the gaming experience of our players, each and every day.“

We’ve recently seen slot games incorporate elements of Live Dealer games to add a social element. Gamification has also become big.

Where do you think the future of slots are headed and what new developments can players look forward to from Play’n GO, or the industry as a whole?

“If we’re talking gamification in terms of features included in our games, we’ve already included many inventive gamification elements in our titles.

Big Win 777’s Chance Wheel, the simulated dog race in Wildhound Derby and boardgame elements within our UK slots are all great examples, but this is just the first step. As we move forward with creating newly themed and innovative games, we research what other game mediums are doing and modify the gameplay to best suit our audience and player expectations.

Just as traditional board and video games utilise gameplay from our industry, we too will expand our themes to implement gameplay that ranges from strategy to simulation games. We see this as an ever-growing direction for casino gaming.

Play’n GO is already not only an innovator but a leader; merging the right gamification with the right title, which in turn leads to a more entertaining experience to the player. This is just the start of better and more exciting things to come.”

In a 2018 interview, Play’n GO indicated you were exploring the possibility of incorporating augmented reality into your games.

Is this still something being worked on and if yes, can you give any more details?

“Last year we launched our first 3D Game – Contact. That was a major landmark for us, and the game was received very positively in the market.

VR and AR are indeed other technologies we are looking at. The technology itself must be available to a larger audience and incorporated into devices on a broad scale for it to make sense. I challenge the Tech industry to push forward on this; we would love to show what we can do!”

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